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       OKLAHOMA CITY July 16 & 17, 2016



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Guest Speakers


Christopher Conner


Franchise Marketing Systems, LLC

Mr. Conner has been in franchise development working with emerging franchise brands and companies entering the franchise market place since 2002.  Mr. Conner started Franchise Marketing Systems in 2009 and today, the organization consists of 24 full time professionals covering the United States.  His experience in franchise marketing, franchise sales and franchise strategic planning has helped lead FMS to a 3 year 504% growth rate.  Mr. Conner is also Co-Author of  the book providing franchise experience to emerging franchisors, “Franchise Expansion Guide.” 

Christopher has worked in conjunction with several prominent franchise attorneys to enhance the value of benefits they offer to each of their clients. These established relationships benefit the franchisor by being able to comply with legal guidelines and initiate the selling of franchises successfully. Franchise Marketing Systems is currently working with several International companies in developing and managing independent distribution channels throughout the globe.

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